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The R2+ Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a distributed architecture and large I / O capacity designed to meet the many and varied demands of today's Power SCADA / EMS applications.

To achieve an idea RTU design, R2+ RTU is fully modularized in all I / O units, intelligent processing in system operation and powerful in communication ability. It provides flexible, cost effective answers to many challenges that face the engineering, operations, and maintenance departments of today's power utilities.

The R2+ RTU offers a single RTU family meeting the entire range of requirements, from small distribution and cogeneration sites to large substations and generating stations, using the same components in a modular, block-building approach. The R2+ RTU introduces an open architecture permitting the addition of new processing modules, each linked by fully protected high-speed Local serial I / O bus. Nothing becomes obsolete in the course of expanding an RTU from the smallest to the largest, most complex configuration.