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HCP SCADA, an original Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for electric measurement and control application. The configuration is based on the RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) and DTU (Distributed Terminal Unit) products developed, also configured with many kinds of measuring devices and local supervisory control computer, totally under through HC technology. HCP SCADA featuring data-processing capability as powerful and efficient as traditional RTU and increasing capability of communication, also complying with absolute relay cyber-protect unit. HCP SCADA providing a very flexible solution of data acquisition and Control in the Substation site. HCP SCADA providing various and excellent functions as well as a Substation Automation System and Distribution Automation System and in general industrial PLC system for total data acquisition and data control automations.

Purpose :

  • As data-acquisition and control terminal equipment in all different levels of transformer substation.
  • As data-acquisition and control terminal equipment for power automatic application in factory.

    Advantage :

  • Multi-processor and distributed structure
  • Support dual CPU coordination work.
  • Modular designed structure, keeping maintenance and expansion easily
  • Support multi-hosts and multi-channels
  • Support multi-protocols
  • Support multi-channels for intelligent electronic devices
  • Support programming logical control (HC Ladder Diagram)
  • Support high-accuracy and highresolution in Sequence-of-Event Report



    • Real-time data acquisition and processing
    • Calculated numerals data processing
    • Control operation
    • Communicating to hosts and transferring data to sub-control center
    • Record for Sequence of Event
    • Management of real-time database and historical database
    • Alarm (display, record and print)
    • Trend-graph
    • Diagram and display
    • Reports management and print-out
    • Self-diagnosis and self-restart
    • Maintenance and monitoring locally and remotely
    • GPS clock auto-adjustment
    • Communication protocol: CDT, CDC Type II, IEC-870-5-101, 104, Dnp3.0, etc.
    • Resolution of SOE: 1ms
    • Accuracy of analog value :
      • Voltage : 0.2%
      • Current : 0.5%
      • Frequency : 0.01 Hz
    • Respond time of display : 2ms
    • Update time of data :
      • Changing status : 2s
      • Important AI : 3s
      • Generic AI : 5s
    • Mean Time Between Failures : 20000 hours
    • Usable efficiency of system : 99.9%
    • Operating temperature :
      • Master device : 0 ~ 40oC
      • Compartmenting devices: -20 ~ 60oC
    • Operating humidity : 5% ~ 95%RH
    • Air pressure : 80kPa D 110kPa