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FTU 2000



FTU 2000 System Diagram



There are 4 units for the hardware of FTU, which are Main Control unit, Measurement Unit, Communication unit, and Power unit.

  • Main Control unit : The FTU uses DTU 2000 as primary control unit with the features of communication integration, analog input, analog output, digital input and digital output. This unit can collects data from power measurement module or other IED.
  • Measurement unit : The FTU 2000 is using the HC6740 power transducer, which offers accuracy up to 0.25% to measure voltage, current, energy and further for more than 90 parameters. HC 6740 is capable to detect the failure current and wave, the difference of voltage / phase angle between both sides of main line. The FTU has the CT circuit auto shortage protection to prevent CT circuit open.
  • Communication unit : The FTU is able to collect with cable modem, optical fiber communication module, and GPRS / VHF wireless communication module. The FTU has the sufficient space for installation.
  • Power unit : The FTU 2000 offers a temperature compensated type charger, which supplies the power (80~260 VAC, 50/60 Hz) for FTU itself. If the break down of AC power happens, the FTU will automatically switch to the charger for supplying the power. The charger will cut off the load when the power of charger is lower than the DC 20V to avoid over discharge electricity and extend the life of charger.