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The concept of FTU 2000 is a feeder Terminal Unit based on the microprocessor. In the distribution automation system, FTU 2000 acts to monitor the status of I/O point, to collect and to process digital and analog data at site. When FTU receives execute command, and then transmit the data and accept the control command to do the "Check-Before-Execution" to confirm the proper and safety of system control.

If an event is happening, the FTU can detect the error and present a malfunction flag. The SCADA system can collect the status of each I/O point of FTU to automatically monitor the entire feeder network.

FTU 2000 is designed with the microprocessor technology, which is equipped of plug-in I/O cards with the capability in communication and easy for expansion of I/O point.

The casing of FTU 2000 is made of 2.5mm stainless steel with heat insulation board to block out the sun to prevent over heat inside of the case. FTU uses the standard 3U 84T/63T/42T rack and charger for simple maintenance.

The FTU is uses the waterproof connector (MIL-C-5015) for the exterior cable connection and the case meets the IP66 (NEMA 4X) standards. As for the interior connections, the FTU support with conversion terminal that is simple for wiring and maintenance.

FTU comes in 4 types-2 way, 4way, overhead and capacitor to use for different requirements. FTU is supports with Ladder Diagram to perform the programmable algorithm function. For the SOE report, the FTU can have the dpi up to 1ms and time error between + 4ms.