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DTU 2000 series (Distribution Terminal Unit) is a distributive data acquisition and control system based on microprocessor. In common SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system, DTU performs the task of collect and process of station data, both analog and digital signals, then receive the command from host in master station to transmit back the acquired data, to perform the function "check before execution" for station facilities to ensure a safe and reliable execution in system control.

Take into the consideration of performance of DTU 2000 series. The design of DTU 2000 series is fully modularized with intelligently I / O cards combine with the communication ability. The idea of whole designing is to pursue long-term stability, easy maintenance, convenient wiring and flexibility in expansion to be an aesthetic product. In the requirements of today's power utility such as engineering, operations, and maintenance departments, DTU 2000 series offers flexible and economical solution.

In combination of types of DTU with same cards and module configuration fulfill the different requirements of small distribution to large substation or any generation stations. DTU 2000 series comes in an open architecture through internal fully protected high-speed I/O LAN (Local Area Network) easy for new additional new processing modules. When DTU expand from small system to larger or complex system, the existing card and module do not become obsolete. The DTU-2000 series can serve as communication server or the IED as below:

  • Communication Server
    The communication server is consisted of one Master CPU Card, several I / O CPU Cards and several CM Cards. CPU Card provides two communication ports (RS-232 or RS-485) to communicate with Master Station(s). The two communication ports can be configured in redundant type that uses the same database. Moreover, the two communication ports can be configured in multiple ports type that uses two independent databases. CM Card provides two communication ports (RS-232 or RS-485) to communicate with IEDs.

  • IED
    When use DTU as the IED equipment, there are two independent communication channels are provided by DTU CPU Card. One links to the host computer and the other one links to the power meter or IEDs for obtaining I / O information for such equipment and also transferring the output control command. Furthermore, the DTU also provide with I / O cards (AI, DI, AO, DO, DOH and more) to collect the field information and to carry out the output of control command.