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The DTMS 2600 distribution automation system is based on the new auto-distribution facilities, applies with technology of computer, auto-control, relay protection, electronic, and communication to proceed the intelligent monitoring and management of on-line and offline distribution network. This assures the distribution network can be worked within a safe, reliable, economical, high quality and keeps effective functioning status. To carry out the auto-distribution is to increase the reliable and quality of power electricity, which would raise the economic benefits for both enterprises and users.

The DTMS 2600 is an important part to make up the transforming of distribution network to response the data collection of front end. The personnel can immediately mastering the power status by distribution functioning status such as switch on and off, current load, happening events and so on. It can also isolate the malfunction during power failure to make the functioning in good management rationally, and quickly handle everything between users and system. At same time, it can raise up the management level for whole distribution system, and work efficiency and improve the service for users.

The DTMS 2600 provides stable and correct data for auto-distribution of power system and control of switch substation which are as various functions as listed below :

  • Raising up the reliable of power supply and reduce the power failure oftenly, and also can reduce the loss of power rate caused by malfunction.
  • Improving the quality of energy, monitoring, and status of voltage to provide users the best energy.
  • Increasing the functioning economical of distribution system, advantage of facilities, and reduce the maintenance fee, also to reduce the wire losses in order to raise up the max. of economic benefit to the users.
  • Making the better of network for power construction and reactive power distribution to reduce the loss of energy.