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HC owns a rich experience in power system industry, especially for in-field installment of SCADA/RTU/DTU/FTU projects and cases, for over 15 years. We now actually are being proceed some of the system projects with a system integrator in South East Asia, and even had done many projects for different sub-stations in Main Land China.

For the HC PEMS, it adopted a flexible and powerful user interface in full-graphic technique to achieve comprehensive power monitoring, at surprisingly low overall system cost. It is gathered real time data from HC6000 series Power Meter/transducer and DTU (distribution terminal unit) and other communication sources in the field (data acquisition), and enables operators to control field devices from their consoles (supervisory control).

The HC system product is developed by using the Intouch development software version, it can be also allowed to paint the display screen according to your requirement, and create a calculation condition as your further information.