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HCE Provides stable and affordable power system service, the related power system products include power transducers, power quality meters, measuring instruments, WH meter, power system accessories, etc.
The following are brief introductions to HCE's power system products.

  • Power transducer
    In order to meet different site application requirements, HCE designed various power transducers which can be used for many different applications. HCE provides power transducers for utility and industry.

  • Power Meter
    Power meters that made by HCE have the excellent quality and high stability which brings us very good reputation and feedbacks from our customers all over the world. HCE provides digital power meter and multifunctonal power quality meters.

  • Measuring Instrument
    It uses the advanced technology and components available in update technology, follows the national standard and regulation to develop and design. HCE provides portable power / energy testing device, power calibrator, field testing instrument and energy meter test bench.

  • WH Meter
    It is interlationally digitalized with SMT advanced process, designed and manufactured for industrial field.

  • System Products
    The HC system product is developed by using the Intouch development software version, it can be also allowed to paint the display screen according to your requirement, and create a calculation condition as your further information.

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