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Multifunctional Power Quality Transducer HC 6650



  • About the Digital Power Transducer HC 6650
  • Hsiang Cheng's power transducer HC 6650 is conceptualized and designed to revolutionized the approach to traditional power transducer. This power transducer is a compact, electronically advanced and programmable device. It is the answer to future generation of electrical transducers' needs and methodology.

  • Environmental Impact & Cost Saving
  • The HC 6650 can replace may units of conventional analog or digital instruments, and change over switches (eg. Amp, Volt, KVA, KW, PF, KWH, KVarH, FQ and etc.). This saves the wiring material usage and reduces the cost on traditional transducers' needs.

  • Increase Productivity & Efficiency
  • The HC 6650 is specifically designed to be compatible with the world's 2 mostly and widely used DIN standard panel instruments. It fits the DIN rail mounting. The HC 6650 greatly reduced cabling complexity and time. It is also a standardize hard-ware and suitable for either 1 phase 2 wires, 1 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 3 wires, or 3 phase 4 wires system.

  • Improved Technical Superiority and Reliability
  • The HC 6650 is endowed with excellent technical specifications like overload capabilities, accuracy levels, long terms stability, readout dependability and etc. Those specifications are far exceeding the conventional instruments. To meet the future transducer environments, the HC 6650 is equipped with a serial power (RS-485 or RS-232) to allow the connection to an open architecture computerized network. It can run on PC or data acquisition system, and complying the Modbus(R) protocol. The software provides a simple yet practical solution to energy management in factories or plants, small industries, building services and etc.

  • Parameter Conversion
  • This microprocessor-based power transducer provides compatibility with modicon ModbusR system as a standard featured. The HC 6650 provides more than 30 power and energy parameters. Via the RS-485 Modbus(R) communications, including the instant max. and min. of all parameters, max. demand control, time stamping and etc, there are more than 90 parameters can be achieved by remote monitoring system.


  • For factory and building automation
  • Modbus(R) RTU protocol
  • 5A / 1A auto-range
  • Maximum 600V auto-range 10~150V / 600V
  • True RMS conversion
  • Instant maximum and minimum
  • Build in RTC (real time clock)
  • Field programmable PT / CT ratio
  • Accuracy up to 0.15%
  • Data log 15 / 30 / 60 minute
  • Ports : RS485 + RS232
  • Maximum demand control applicable
  • Memory for all setup and energy data
  • Comprehensive self test diagnostics
  • Low input burden 0.1VA (5A / 120V)
  • Power supply AC / DC 220 + 20% + DC 12V battery terminal
  • Compact physical configuration
  • 2KV RMS input / output / power isolation
  • Commonly for DIN rail-mounted
  • Protective touch-proof terminals and enclosure meeting
  • Requirements of VBG4 & VDE 0106 part 100 (Germany)
Model & Ordering

      HC 6650



  • Range
    • 10~600V
    • Current : Sutiable for CT secondary rating (optional), Maxumum 6A for 5A rating; Maximum 1.2A for 1A rating
    • Sampling mode : 64 sample / cycle
    • Frequency 40 - 70Hz
  • Burden
    • Voltage < 0.4VA at 600V; < 0.04VA at 150V
    • Current < 0.1VA at 5A
  • Overload rating