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The HC testing instruments are the new generation, high precision, energy meter calibration equipment. It uses the advanced technology and components available in update technology, follows the national standard and regulation to develop and design. These various kinds of testing instruments can be used to test both single/three phase energy meter (up to class 2%).

The normal applications for these HC testing instrument (HC3100 / PTC9300H) are for the laboratory, WH meter manufacturer, engineers and other related power industry.

For the factory which manufactures the WH meters, the HC testing instrument is used as a standard reference meter to measure errors of WH meters, or be integrated into a testing instrument for measuring the different kinds of single / three phase energy meters.

As for the usage in the laboratory, the unit can connect with the photo pick up with built-in 5V power supply to test the single / three phase meters for their errors and accuracies. And HC now integrates the HC3100 into a energy test bench for private energy meter factory or government organizations to qualify the approval/certificates of energy meters.

HC also provides the hand carry single / three phase on site testing instruments which includes the main unit, test leads, clamps and other related accessories for the engineer can easily carry to the site field to measure the meters or other related maintenances services.