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Three Phase Multi-Function KWH Meter- 5130/5131

DSS51/DTS51 three phase static energy meter is designed by using special large-scale integrated circuit (IC) and SMT technology. With advantages of few components, high reliability, it is widely used in measuring A.C. energy power. It conforms to the requirements specified in CEI IEC62052-11-2003 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) General requirements, tests and test conditions Part 11: Metering equipment,CEI IEC62053-21-2003 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) Particular requirements Part 21: Static meters for active energy (classes 1 and 2) Equipmen and DL/T645-1997 Multi-function Communication Protocol.

  • DSS51B,DTS51B Three Phase Active Energy Meter, register display;
  • DXS51A,DXS52A Three Phase Reactive Energy Meter, register display;
  • DSS(X)51B,DTS(X)51B Three Phase Active & reactive Energy Meter, LCD display,RS485 port;

Main functions

  • Measuring energy of every phase separately, total energy is the summation of three phase's pulse with less interphase interference;
  • Reactive energy measurement via complementary passive phase circuit, accurate and reliable;
  • New design adopted, least influence from frequency, voltage and harmonics on measuring accuracy; no calibration needed within long working period;
  • Three phase power supply. Measurement accuracy won't be affected if one or two phase power supply were cut off;
  • Wide operating voltage range;
  • Remote test impulse output;
  • RS485 port;


  • Item : Technical Parameters
  • Rated voltage : 3*220/380V (Three phase 4 wire); 3*100V (Three phase 3 wire)
  • Basic current : 1.5(6)A, 3(6)A, 5(20)A, 10(40)A, 15(60)A, 20(80)A, 30(100)A
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Accuracy : CL1.0/2.0 (active); CL2.0 (reactive)
  • Running with no load : Yes
  • Power burden :
    • Voltage circuit < 2W and 7VA
    • Current circuit < 1VA
  • Normal operating temp. : -25oC ~ +55oC
  • Limit operating temp. : -25oC ~ +70oC
  • RH < 85%
  • Size : 288mm * 170mm * 73mm
  • Weight : About 2kg