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Single Phase Static KWH Meter- 5110-P

5110-P Single-phase prepayment energy meter is a new type of product based on single -phase static energy meter. This 5510-P is having the excellent functions such as energy measurement, load control, and users' information management. It's an ideal metering device for reforming power consumed system, accomplishing the commercialization of power, overcoming difficulty in collecting fee and regulating load state of distribution-network.

5110-P Single-phase prepayment energy meter conforms to all technical requirements specified in CEI IEC62052-11-2003 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) General requirements, tests and test conditions Part 11: Metering equipment, CEI IEC62053-21-2003 Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) Particular requirements Part 21: Static meters for active energy (classes 1 and 2) Equipment and GB/T18460.3-2001 IC Card Prepayment System Part 3”GPrepaid Energy Meter.

Main functions

  • Positive active energy measurement, and no calibration needed within long working period;
  • IC prepaid smart card;
  • Trip and remind users to purchase the electricity when the energy surplus is less than alarm energy value;
  • Prevent stealing of electricity, automatically record illegal energy consumption information;
  • Cut off electricity power and record the times when overload occurs;
  • Large relay capacity with low power consumption and high reliability;
  • Unique card for each user, fraud proof;
  • Display current read/surplus/accumulated energy value/preset load value/alarm energy value/max load;
  • User number and accumulated energy consumption read by collection card;


  • Item : Technical Parameters
  • Rated voltage : 220V
  • Basic current : 5(20)A, 5(30)A, 10(40)A
  • Frequency : 50Hz
  • Accuracy : CL1.0 (Active), CL2.0 (Reactive)
  • Running with no load : Yes
  • Power burden < 2W/5VA
  • Normal operating temp. : -25oC ~ +55oC
  • Limit operating temp. : -25oC ~ +70oC
  • RH < 85%
  • Data store : Data store under no energy > 10 years
  • Size : 175mm * 116.5mm * 67.5mm
  • Weight : About 0.7Kg